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Yamaha 450R V-2 YFZ

(Code: 450R V-2 YFZ)

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Yamaha 450R V-2 YFZ
  1. | Information |
    The saddle cover for your YAMAHA will be adjusted and made in France in our Orange workshop. your cover will be equipped with a comfort foam, and the seams will be according to the reinforced, doubled, or even tripled areas for your comfort and the life of your saddle.



    | Description |
    saddle cover suitable for models in the YFZ-450R-V2 range



    | Our know-how |
    Thanks to our configurator, it is you who will imagine, arrange the colors, and coordinate your saddle cover to your YFR-R, so let your imagination and your desires come true.

    It's up to you!


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